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Teaching Resources for CIBR's Up the Pipe work.

What products do you use in your house? How can they affect they environment ? and what changes can we make?

Get your students to think about what goes down the drain and what we can do about it.


Teacher notes, experiences and activities, and lesson plans, are designed to be used in conjunction with one another.

Teaching Resources Y4-6

Teaching Resources Y7-8

Picture of clams [DOCX, 18 MB]Y4-6 Teachers notes [DOCX, 18 MB]
Picture of mayfly nymph [DOCX, 17 MB]Y7-8 Teachers notes [DOCX, 17 MB]
[DOCX, 4.5 MB]
Picture of the water cycle [DOCX, 4.5 MB]Y4-6 Learning Experiences and Activities [DOCX, 4.5 MB]
Picture of water treatment cycle [DOCX, 4.5 MB]Y7-8 Learning Experiences and Activities

Template of a house for what goes down your drain [PDF, 5.5 MB]

Teaching Resource -
What goes down the drain in your house?





 Blank lesson plans  

Picture of how to create your own water cycle [DOCX, 27 KB]

  Lesson Plan for Science Unit CL1-2





Diagram of where your poo goes [DOCX, 27 KB]  Lesson Plan for Science Unit CL3-4 [DOCX, 27 KB]






Fluorescing bacteria [DOCX, 27 KB]

  Lesson Plan for Science Unit CL5-6





Picture of a worm [DOCX, 22 KB]

  Lesson Plan CL1-2 template






Picture of a bacteria [DOCX, 22 KB]

  Lesson Plan CL3-4 template







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