Ecotoxicology Group


Dr Louis Tremblay, Leader of the Ecotoxicology Group

Louis is an environmental toxicologist at the Cawthron Institute and a Senior Lecturer at the University of Auckland. His research involves assessment of the toxicity of contaminants and complex mixtures like sewage effluent in the receiving environment. Louis’ main area of interest is the characterisation of the mechanisms of toxicity of microcontaminants on key New Zealand species. / +64 3 539 3290

Dr Jo Cavanagh

Jo is an expert in environmental toxicology, chemistry and risk assessment, Jo’s research interests extend beyond the lab to environmental policy and legislation. At Landcare Research, Jo performs technical ecotoxicology work, and is also involved in the effective integration of science into policy, particularly in the management of contaminants in the environment and providing for the protection of human health and the environment. / +64 3 321 9632

Dr Grant Northcott

Grant has amassed a wealth of experience in environmental chemistry in New Zealand and abroad, after studying chemistry at the University of Waikato from 1983 to 1989. Grant has previously worked at The National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research (NIWA), the  University of Lancaster School of Environmental and Biological Science where he obtained his PhD in 2000, and The Institute of Plant and Food Research (formerly HortResearch). Grant is now the Director of Northcott Research Consultants Ltd and continues to maintain close links and provide expertise to a number of Crown Research Institutes, Regional and City Councils, and Universities in New Zealand and Australia. /

Dr Gerty Gielen

Gerty works at Scion, where she researches emerging contaminants and trace organics. She is also interested in innovative municipal and industry waste treatment, and soil microbial degradation processes. / +64 7 343 5593